Dental hygienist

Nowadays, regular visits to you dental hygienist allow us to implement prevention measures, for keeping your teeth as long as possible in place and healthy. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

This visit can be performed under conscious sedation (laughing gas).

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Dental Emergency

Slight sensitivity or pain? We are there for you. We welcome you in our clinic from Monday through Friday from 8h00am to 9h00pm. Call us or use out latest WhatsApp .

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Aesthetic dentistry

Our satisfaction is to give you a beautiful smile. In order to reach this goal, we have the possibility to use different procedures: teeth bleaching, aesthetic composite fillings and the one visit ceramic onlay or crown.

In case of small reconstructions, aesthetic composites mimic each layer of a natural tooth. Layer by layer, the beauty of your tooth is recovered!

For bigger reconstruction, the best is to place a one visit ceramic onlay or crown. the most avanced technology serves beauty!

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Implants and wisdom teeth

In our dental practice, we perform wisdom teeth extraction. Do not worry, we can perform them under conscious sedation (laughing gas). Please do not hesitate to ask.

In case of single or multiple extractions, your dentist will propose you an adapted solution for recovering your smile and a well balanced mastication. One of these procedures is to place dental implants. Dental implants close the existing gap and avoid to destroy neighbouring teeth!

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The billing can be done by “la caisse des médecins-dentistes”. The advantage is to allow you to pay your bill in several times.

You also have the possibility to pay directly your bills in our premises. Select the payment option that best suits you: debit card, cash or bank transfer.

Now also available: APPLE PAY and TWINT!


A quote is provided before treatments.

The SSO (Swiss Dentists Society) dental fare contains more than 500 acts for dental procedures. A multiplying factor is applied to each act.

Our patients can benefit:
– A multiplying factor of 0.90 for Social Insurances
– A multiplying factor of 0.90 if you are under 18 year old
– A multiplying factor of 1.10 for private treatments